Hindi Poem On Betiyan: Celebrating the Gift of Daughters

Oct 28, 2023


Ajbagjab welcomes you to an enchanting world of arts & entertainment where we celebrate the precious bond between parents and their daughters. We dedicate this article to the beauty, strength, and significance of 'betiyan' (daughters) through a heart-touching Hindi poem.

Why Celebrate Daughters?

In a society that often underestimates the potential of daughters, it becomes crucial to express their worth and empower their spirits. Daughters are not just the bearers of family lineage but also embodiments of kindness, intelligence, and compassion. By acknowledging and celebrating their presence, we strive to instill a sense of pride and confidence in them.

The Essence of Betiyan

Betiyan are like flowers that bloom in the garden of life. They bring joy, happiness, and blessings to their families. It is their innocence that makes our hearts melt, their dreams that inspire us, and their accomplishments that fill us with pride.

Hindi Poem on Betiyan

बेटी होती क्या है वो खुदा की खामोश आवाज़, दिया का प्रकाश, सावन की बूंदों का आह्वान। बेटी होती क्या है वो विश्वास और आत्म-विश्वास, वो घर की इच्छा, वो परिवार की संगीतशाला।

बेटी होती क्या है वो आकाश का आयाम, तारों की रौशनी, सूरज की मदिरालय। बेटी होती क्या है वो दादी की याद-छोड़, माँ की हर साँस, पापा की चाँदानी।

बेटी होती क्या है वो प्रेरणा और गर्व, स्वप्नों की उड़ान, पर्वत की चोटी। बेटी होती क्या है वो कर्मठ और शक्ति, मानवता की अद्भुत ख़ुशबू, राष्ट्र की आबादी।

बेटी होती क्या है वो अक्षरों का साधन, संसार की सबसे अनमोल कविता। बेटी होती क्या है वो संस्कार और त्याग, सरस्वती की वीणा, लक्ष्मी की आरती।

बेटी होती क्या है वो मानवता की शक्ति, नवशक्ति, नयी उमंग, उजाली भविष्य की। बेटी होती क्या है वो समर्पण की सच्चाई, सच्चे हृदय से प्रेम, स्नेह करने की जगीर।

Arts & Entertainment: Celebrating Betiyan

At Ajabgjab, we believe in the power of arts & entertainment to spread love and positivity. Our dedicated team of professionals focuses on creating events, performances, and experiences that honor the spirit of daughters. Through our various offerings, we aim to promote creativity, talent, and cultural awareness.

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Ajabgjab stands as an advocate for celebrating daughters and their significance in our lives. Through the mesmerizing Hindi poem on betiyan, we endeavor to inspire and empower every individual to embrace the beauty and potential of daughters. With our arts & entertainment offerings and event planning services, we aim to create unforgettable experiences that celebrate the essence of betiyan.

Dmitriy Podolskiy
मन को छू गयी! 🌸
Nov 9, 2023
Shrujal Patel
यह कविता अद्भुत है! बेटियों की महिमा को समर्पित यह समारोह हर किसी के दिलों को छू लेगी! 🌸
Nov 7, 2023