Polycot Associates Seeks Freelance Javascript Developer

Oct 24, 2021

Are you a skilled Javascript developer seeking exciting remote work opportunities? Polycot Associates, a renowned name in the business and consumer services industry, is currently looking to hire talented individuals like yourself!

Why Join Polycot Associates?

At AthMTech, we are passionate about creating exceptional websites and providing top-notch web development services to our clients. As a freelance Javascript developer at Polycot Associates, you will have the opportunity to be a part of our dynamic team, working on cutting-edge projects and collaborating with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Here are some compelling reasons to consider joining our team:

  • Remote Work: Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working from anywhere in the world. We believe in work-life balance and promote a healthy and productive remote work culture.
  • Exciting Projects: Get involved in diverse and challenging projects that will push your skills to new heights. From building interactive web applications to implementing complex features, you will have the opportunity to broaden your expertise.
  • Collaborative Environment: Collaborate and learn from highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to excellence. Our team values knowledge-sharing and encourages a supportive and inclusive work atmosphere.
  • Career Growth: We prioritize professional development and provide various growth opportunities. As you contribute to our success, you will also have the chance to enhance your skillset and advance your career within the organization.


To excel in this role, we are looking for candidates with the following qualifications:

  • JavaScript Expertise: Proficiency in JavaScript is a must. We are seeking developers who are well-versed in the latest trends and best practices.
  • Web Development Skills: Solid understanding of HTML, CSS, and other web technologies is necessary to build successful and user-friendly web applications.
  • Problem-Solving Abilities: A strong analytical mindset and the ability to identify and resolve complex issues efficiently are crucial for success in this role.
  • Communication Skills: Effective communication is key when working remotely and collaborating with team members. Fluency in English, both written and verbal, is required.
  • Attention to Detail: Being meticulous and paying attention to the smallest details ensures high-quality code and superior user experiences.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in becoming a part of our talented team at Polycot Associates, follow these steps to apply:

  1. Visit our official website at athmtech.com/polycot-associates.
  2. Navigate to the "Careers" section and find the opening for the Freelance Javascript Developer position.
  3. Click on the "Apply Now" button and fill out the application form with your personal details, relevant experience, and a copy of your updated resume.
  4. Submit the form and ensure all information provided is accurate.

We appreciate your interest in joining our team and will review your application carefully. If your skills and experience align with our requirements, we will reach out to you for further discussions.

At AthMTech, we embrace diversity and equal opportunity employment. We value individuals from all backgrounds and are committed to creating an inclusive and respectful workplace.

Join us at Polycot Associates and embark on an exciting journey of professional growth and accomplishment. Apply now and take the first step towards a fulfilling career as a freelance Javascript developer!